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DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna - IR Sauna Review

I purchased this sauna on August 19th 2019 and it was delivered by freight on August 24th. Scroll down to the bottom of the article to skip my ranting and read the review.

This has been one of more frustrating purchases of late. Not so much because of the product itself, but the complete lack of information available to do pre-purchase research. Unless you are planning on spending $5-10 thousand dollars on a high end sauna there are nearly zero real reviews on the internet. The Google search results were filled with dozens of sites that have the sole interest of selling you a sauna, rather than explaining the pro's and con's of each unit.

The IR Sauna after two weeks of use

I started to entertain the idea of an in home sauna after spending 10 days in Germany in early July. One of the AirBnB's we stayed in had a steam sauna built in to the house for guests to use.

It's no secret that I spend the majority of my life sitting at a desk working on a computer. After a few days of walking on cobblestone streets in the old towns and villages, my ankle and back muscles were slightly worse for wear. I've been a big fan of the Joe Rogan podcast over the last few years, and some of his more memorable guests in the physical health area (such as Rhonda Patrick) have preached the health benefits of regular sauna use. With that in mind I decided to fire up the steam sauna and give it a shot.

15 minutes later I emerged from the sauna completely drenched in sweat. My back and ankle felt better. Or at least I thought they were and wasn't quite sure if the suffering from th heat was overshadowing the pain.

The next morning I woke up with an odd feeling. My back didn't hurt at all.

That night, I ventured back in to the sweat box and after another miserable 15 minutes I felt great. Like "I haven't felt this good since my early 20's" great. I was a believer.

After returning to the States, I started researching in-home sauna's that would be relatively in-expensive and be able to added to my house without a massive amount of work.

I put a budget of $2,000 for myself and started reading reviews. This is where things got frustrating.

Finding a legitimate review by a real person proved impossible.

Let me prove it to you (I'll wait), go do a google or youtube search for:

Best IR Saunas


IR Sauna reviews

Every site you just saw are advertisers doing content marketing to sell saunas to people like me doing research. Sooo...now what?

Instead of looking at the positive Ir sauna reviews, I started looking at the truly negative 1-star reviews.

The Dynamic Sauna's Barcelona 1-2 IR Sauna came out the winner. I picked a drop off freight date in the Amazon checkout and hit "Buy".

The delivery drivers were great and helped me get it moved off the truck and in to my living room. The box was too big for one person to move easily (and it weighed a ton). No serious shipping damage other than the straps cutting in to the box.

Well thats not good. One of the straps broke through the box and crushed the top of the sauna particle board cover (not visible once assembled).

Once the box is open, the individual pieces are light enough for one person to move around easily.

Here are the back panel and two side panels with the floor unit in front.

Here was the only other damaged piece. Something caused a piece of the panelling to snap off and pull away on the roof section. Instead of trying to ship this thing back for a replacement, I used a regular staple gun to put the broken piece back in place. It was an easy fix that isn't noticeable unless you knew it was there.

Assembling the panels and getting them locked together was a challenge for one person. I spent 20 minutes trying to balance each panel perfectly, while trying to get the grooves aligned and locked together (that lock each panel in place). Get a friend to help. Trust me.

Here are the panels and glass pane installed. Some people complained that they had a chemical smell when assembling and using for the first time. Mine did not.

The bench seat and floor heating panel in place.

I was pretty much over the assembly of this thing at this point and stopped taking pictures.

The roof section (which contains all of the electronics) dropped on with no issues. My broken top panel sits out of sight and doesn't impede any functionality.

Here she is turning on and heating up for the first time. The owners manual recommends doing a heat cycle with the door open. I didn't, but your results may vary.

My verdict and use review:

I am pretty happy with the Barcelona sauna. I've used it nearly every night since delivery and my back pains have nearly disappeared (sleeping better too!).

I typically do a 15 minute session set at 144 degrees in the evening around bedtime. It takes about 30 minutes (without me in it) for the thermostat to register the set temperature.

Once in the sauna, it usually takes me 6 minutes to start sweating. Bring a towel in, you will be dripping like you're out of the shower when you step out.

The speakers are pretty useless and the speaker on my iphone sounds better by a good margin.

I don't regret my purchase in the least. It would have been a little less of a hassle if the shipping contents could be adjusted to account for being thrown around in shipping, but it wasn't a game changed for me.

Here she is today

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