• Jesse Young

Pine &River Chilled Bamboo Weighted Blanket Review

I purchased this weighted blanket on September 13th 2019.

So like everyone else who has ever logged on to Facebook, I've seen a ton of ad's for this new strange technology called "weighted blankets". They all claim that they provide a comforting embrace for people with anxiety and sleep issues.

I'm a very light sleeping and often wake up at a minimum of 3 times a night. I've tried all of the sleep guru tricks, like running a fan, de-humidifiers, white noise...etc...etc...etc. Nothing has been really able to make any real dent in my sleep habits.

Of course when the Pine &River Weighted Blanket came up on my "you might like" list I had to take a look. $60 later I had the "Cool Blue" 15lb weighted blanket with "Bamboo Cooling" on its way.

My first impression out of the box was that although it is really heavy, it was really thin.

Pine&River Chilled Bamboo Weighted Blanket - problems

I guess it could be a problem for most, but there are a bunch of loose threads sticking out everywhere. They kind of appear to be leftover from the QC process from the factory.

Pine&River Chilled Bamboo Weighted Blanket - in use

My bed is a California King and it does fit width wise, is a little short on length.

My Verdict:

I've only slept with it one night and I will say it does stay cool, it did not appear to help me sleep any better than a normal non-weighted blanket.

I am struggling to make a recommendation so far on if it's a valuable purchase or not. I will continue to use it for a few weeks and see if my opinion changes.

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